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    Name: Kristi Steiner-Winn
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    Welcome to Music!  Through the Connect Schedule, all grade levels participate in Music Class.  In class, we sing, play instruments, including the keyboards and recorders, and compose our own music using the notes we have learned.
    Third, fourth, and fifth graders are given the opportunity to sign up for extra time, during homeroom, to explore the keyboards or work on their songs.  Fourth and fifth graders are given the opportunity to also join the chorus, the Wildcat Singers, which meets two days a week during homeroom time.
    The North Carolina Essential Standards is the curriculum used to educate students about Music.  We learn to appreciate other cultures as we learn about their Music and Dance.
    We have three programs during the school year:  Thanksgiving, Winter/Christmas, and Spring. ALL grade levels participate.  Hope to see you there!
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