The Novice

by Taran Matharu Year Published: 2015 Fantasy

Felids and Canids and Shrikes, Oh MY! Welcome to another fantasy world, where the Orcs are constantly at war with the rest of the world- the humans, the elves and the dwarves. And those three groups can't seem to get along very well either. Enter the Novice, Fletcher, the good guy orphan, who stumbles upon his special abilities to summon demons from the otherworldly ether. All those called to fight have a demon, like their pet, which they train to help them fight the Orcs. Fletcher ends up at a training academy where he meets friends who are interested in making the world a safer place, and enemies who would have him ousted...or worse. It's an intricate fantasy world almost rivaling Hogwarts. If you're into fantasy, you'll really like this one. And there are three more in the series to keep you happy.