Hello [Buckland ES Family]! Welcome to [The Counselors Corner]!

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    Mrs. Mc Nair

    Counselor's Vision
    "Striving Together To Achieve Real Success".  The Counselor's Corner will focus on "Cooperative Behavior", which is define as working or acting together for a common purpose, benefit and goal. 
                                                               Hold Fast To Dreams,                                                                                                                  For If Dreams Die Life Is A                                                                                                              Broken Winged Butterfly
                                                                                        -Langston Hughs 

    Counselor's Job Responsibilities
    • Counseling with individual students
    • Counseling with small groupsone
    • Counseling with parents
    • With teachers about individual students
    • With administrators about strategies for creating positive school atmosphere
    • With Principal & community agencies to locate services needed by students/families
    Coordination of:
    • Classroom Guidance                                                                                  
    • Parents on--
      • Child Development
      • Interpersonal Family Relationships
      • Discipline
      • Strategies for school success
    • Committees
      • Guidance
      • Planning/School Improvement Team
      • A.I.G.
      • Attendance
      • 504
    • Peer Mediators
    • Red Ribbon Week
    • Thanksgiving Senior Citizen Lunch
    • EOG Testing
    Counselor's Credentials