• Buckland Elementary School

    Belief Statements


    We believe that each student is a unique individual with basic intellectual, physical, emotional, and social needs.  Each student has the right to know he/she is loved or needed.


    We believe that it is our responsibility to provide educational opportunities for all students in order for them to become informed, competent, and responsible citizens taking productive places in society.


    We believe it is our job to inspire and motivate students to take advantage of the opportunities offered so they may realize their fullest potential.


    We believe we should use all the materials, facilities, and resources in our school and community to help our children relate their school experiences to their own environment and their everyday living.


    We believe that the staff, teachers, parents, and the children should work together, for each has much to contribute to the furtherance of the child's education.

Last Modified on March 6, 2018