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    Chandler celebrates Black History Month with events, movies | Daily  Independent
    In celebrating Black History Month, let's ignite our spirits and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Black history. It's a time to revel in the remarkable resilience, creativity, and triumphs of Black individuals past and present. 

    As we honor Black history, let's also recommit ourselves to the pursuit of justice, equality, and unity. Let's stand together, shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity and love, embracing the diversity that enriches our world.

    This Black History Month, let's celebrate not just the past, but the boundless possibilities of the future. Together, we can create a world where every voice is heard, every dream is nurtured, and every heart beats with the rhythm of freedom and equality.



    32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command promoted Brigadier General Richard A. Harrison to the rank of Major General on February 8, 2024.
    Major General Harrison is a native of Gates County. His parents are Mr. Roger and Mrs. Queenie Harrison of Sunbury, North Carolina. He is a Class of 1990 graduate of Gates County High School.


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