• Technology

       Mission Statement: To provide advanced technology resources for all students and staff as needed, enabling them to become quality, effective, productive, and satisfied 21st Century Learners. 
        Department Overview: Greetings from the Gates County Public Schools Technology Department. Our entire school system operates in a highly dominant Apple environment, with over 85% of our computer equipment consisting of Apple products. Our IT department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all technology equipment for the entire district, including (but not limited to) network and telecommunications equipment, servers, software applications, wireless access points, printers, and over 2300 other various types of computer related devices.
        About Us: Our technology department is staffed by an IT director and a district level technician. In addition, our high school has a full-time Testing/Technology Aide, whose duties include providing technical support to staff and students, as needed.
         All of our schools have full-featured media centers, and each center is staffed by a Certified Media Specialist. Our media centers provide computers for teacher and student use, along with several different ways to access media content, including digital, physical, and virtual access. Furthermore, each school within the district has (at least) one high-quality computer lab dedicated to student development and training.
        In order to maximize and sustain high levels of student learning, all classroom environments are equipped with technically advanced and up to date computer equipment and software tools, along with telephone and student Internet access.