• Exceptional Children's Program  


    The Exceptional Children’s department of Gates County Public Schools serves students from ages 3 to 21 based on the Federal Law IDEIA and the North Carolina State Law 1500-01 through 1500-09/ Article IX.  We offer the full continuum of services to meet the needs of each student to enable them the ability to access a free and appropriate public education.
    The Exceptional Children's department of Gates County Public Schools strives to offer a variety of opportunities for the students to have a successful school career.  We are very proud of our success in the area of math for the 2011-2012 school year.  We met the Annual Measurable Objective for students with disabilities at all grade levels.  We are continuing to work on improving our service delivery in the area of reading as we did not meet the annual measurable objective for students with disabilities at the  middle grades.  We are utilizing researched based programs at the elementary levels to help build a stronger foundation in the area of reading.  We have implemented a more intense and directed approach to the students at the high school level to assist with the students that still have gaps in reading comprehension and decoding.  We are working closely with the general education teachers to ensure that we are exposing all of our students with special needs to the required elements of reading and literature.