Gatesville Elementary School


  • The Board of Education advised that the school district will begin the second semester under Plan A (face-to-face and virtual) for elementary schools on the following dates:

    • Pre-K, Kindergarten, & First Grade-Tuesday, January 12, 2021

    • Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth  Grade- Tuesday, January 19, 2021



    • Everyone will get symptom booklets on Tuesday (Grades 2-5)...Teachers will give the booklets to the bus riders.

    • Please fill out the ticket prior to pulling up in front of the building.  The line will go quicker. 

    • Masks have to be worn by all students.

    • The pull-over masks are not permitted.  (We will also send new masks home with students.)

    • Grab and Go Breakfast bags will be offered to all students at no cost.

    • Lunch is no cost for students as well.

    • Drop-off morning times: Pre-K-1- 8:00-8:15; Grades 2-5- 8:15-8:30

    • We want parents to please turn down the heat as it is causing some of the children to have elevated temperatures.  This will cause a delay because we will have to wait and take the temperature again...maybe several times.

    • Parents are not permitted in the building at this time.  Staff will assist them, if they pull up in the right lane during drop-off...during the day, they can ring the bell.

    • Teachers are not available for conferences in the morning as they are supervising students.  Parents may call during their planning times or call after school.  Another option would be to send a message.

    • If a child displays any symptom of Covid, please keep your child home and let us know.  We are asking staff to monitor Covid symptoms as well.

    • Pre-K dismissal is 2:30 PM.

    • Dismissal for grades K-5 is 3:00 PM.

    • We cannot accommodate habitual early pick-ups.  We will work with you if it is an emergency.

    • We will let you know when GES will accept volunteers.

    • Fever Protocol- Students exhibiting fevers may not come to school for 10 days, unless diagnosed with an illness other than Covid-19 in which the doctor indicates the student may return to school. 


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  • School Reopening

    Below you will find a copy of procedures for Plan A.  Please understand that this is a working document and modifications can be made.

    Plan A: Elementary Schools 12/2020

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  • Our district is currently operating on Plan C, which means our students are receiving instruction remotely.  Below you will find the Plan C Document:

    Plan C

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  • Gates County Schools

    K-5 Student Supply List 

    Remote Learning 2020


    • Small dry-erase board
    • Dry-erase markers
    • Desk/Table/Writing surface
    • Headphones with a microphone
    • Pencils/erasers
    • Spiral notebook or composition book
    • Dice (2) 
    • Pencil box or index card box (K-2 students)
    • Art supplies:  crayons/coloring pencils, scissors, glue sticks, bottle of liquid glue, construction paper (variety of colors), red, blue, yellow and white Crayola Model Magic/Play-Doh, markers
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    Important Documents:


    GES Parent Involvement Policy



    GES School Improvement Plan 2020 - 2021




    Our Vision: Learners Today Leaders Tomorrow

    Our Mission: In partnership with parents, Gatesville Elementary School is committed to educating, nurturing, and empowering students to become successful members of the 21st century.



    Our school day will begin at 8:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM (Pre-K at 2:30 PM). Please see drop-off times on the left.  Please do not pick-up students early unless the students have doctor's appointments or if there is an emergency.