• Welcome to 3rd Grade Reading with Mrs. Harrell!

    In third grade, your child’s focus will be on learning to read multisyllabic words, building content knowledge about various subjects , expanding academic vocabulary and deepening comprehension skills and strategies.

    We will be exploring fiction and non-fictional texts using our Wonders Textbooks. 

    Each week we will have a reading and vocabulary test. 

    Homework will be assigned on Monday in a reading packet that is related to the weekly story. 

    The homework pack will be due on Friday but can be turned in early. 

     3rd grade

    Welcome to an exciting year in reading.

    Your child’s reading skills are strong — and getting stronger.

    Third graders are learning to go deeper into the meaning of what they read.

    Also, expect your child to tackle new and challenging books, poetry, articles, and even online research.