• Welcome to Career Development

    Welcome to Career Development at GCHS!  If you have any questions, please contact the following individuals  listed below.

    Ann Harrell, CTE Coordinator/CDC
    252-357-0720 ext. 246 
    Rebecca Leary, IMC/SPC
    252-357-0720 Ext. 288 

    When you finish your education and enter the career world, would you rather have a job or a career?

    What is a job?  A job is something you do to make money, it is not necessarily something you like but it is something you do because you have to earn a living.
    What is a Career?  A career is work that matches your interests and life goals.  A career causes you to get up every day, ready to work.  A career may take more time to achieve but has greater results in the end.  If you want a career, then its time you find out which careers match your interests.  
    Visit the Career Assessments page to start learning about the careers that match you and begin to explore and development your Career!
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