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    GCHS Writing Plan

    The Writing Plan was implemented with three goals in mind:

    1. Improve writing overall.

    2. Improve student organization and expression of thought.

    3. Improve ACT Writing scores



    The revised plan beginning Spring 2019:

    • All teachers will provide a minimum of two guided writing assignments each semester - one ACT- style writing and one writing more specifically aligned to department curriculum. 
    • The ACT writing will be written in a specific format, with school-mandated rubrics, organizer, and revision process. Teachers will count this writing as a quiz grade.
    • All papers will be turned in to the Writing Plan Team for data collection and to reward student exemplary writing. Most will be returned to the teacher. Some will be filed for tracking student progress over several years. 
    • The writing aligned to curriculum will be teacher choice in regard to format, grading, revising, and length.