• What is the purpose of EBOB?

    The purpose of the Elementary Battle of the Books program is to encourage reading by all students at the elementary school level. Students, regardless of ability, are exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints by prominent authors in the area of young adult literature. The game format creates interest and excitement in reading. Through the fun and excitement of the competition, students improve reading skills, mature in their choices of reading materials, and acquire a broader knowledge base. Even during the height of the competition, students and coaches should remember that the goal is to READ, not necessarily to win!  


    Responsibilities of the MEDIA COORDINATOR

    1. The on-site School Library Media Coordinator must directly supervise, administer and coach the Elementary Battle of the Books team, but may designate other school employees to assume specific duties.
    2. As the head coach is expected to remain in the room with their school team throughout the competition, the School Library Media Coordinator may not
    coach more than one team.​
    3. Read the books and provide books for the students to read.
    4. Organize school program (during lunch, club periods, after school, during designated reading classes, etc.).
    5. Select team members.
    6. Provide coaching sessions.
    7. Assist with practice question preparation.
    8. Submit the School Compliance Form.
    9. Share the EBOB manual with all cosponsors and participants.
    10. Model good sportsmanship.


    Responsibilities of the STUDENTS

    1.  Must be a student in grades 4-6, where the elementary school is K-5 or K-6, attending a public, charter, or independent school for which they are enrolled for the current school year.
    2. Read books and prepare for competition.
    3. Practice teamwork and good sportsmanship.
    4. Attend practice sessions.
    5. Write practice questions (optional).


    Responsiblities of the TEAM

    1. All students on the team must be in grades 4-6,
    2. Each team must have at least one on-site Elementary Battle of the Books head coach who is a licensed School Library Media Coordinator. Other
    coaches may include teachers, other staff, and adult volunteers.
    3. Each school may only have one team compete at District competition.
    4. SLMC may not coach more than one team at District competition.
    5. Each school District may send only one team to the Regional competition.
    6. Teams must not exceed the maximum number of 12 members. There is no minimum number. No substitutions will be accepted once the team roster has
    been submitted to the District and Regional Coordinator. Only students participating on a competing team may attend the competition.
    7. The EBOB Committee has the authority to refuse to allow a team to participate in the event of unsportsmanlike behavior or other extenuating circumstances.
    8. In the event of a situation that is not specifically addressed in the EBOB rules, THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES IS FINAL.
    9. Teams are encouraged to wear EBOB team or school shirts; however, shirts may not display the titles (partial or complete) or authors of books on the current elementary school EBOB booklist.
    10. Teams will compete at their own expense (Considerations: food, substitute teachers, transportation, if needed).


    For more information, see the State BOB Manual.