• Do you love to read?  Do you love to compete?  If you answered “yes” to both of these questions then you will be perfect for the Gatesville Elementary Battle of the Books team!  Keep in mind, we have high expectations for our team. 


    In order to secure your place on the final GES EBOB team, keep the following in mind...


    • Any student that will be in fourth or fifth grade during the 2019-2020 school year is welcome to tryout for the GES EBOB team.

    • All students wishing to tryout for the team MUST have a signed permission slip from their parents.

    • Students are expected to attend EBOB meetings.  Meetings will be held during the school day during Dragon Fire or at other designated times.  Should a meeting be held after school, parents will be notified in advance.  A signed permission slip will be required for the student to be allowed to stay after school and a parent/guardian will need to pick up the student after the meeting.

    • Students are expected to memorize ALL 15 book titles and their corresponding author(s). (See the back of this paper.)

    • Students must score at least 80% on a title/author quiz in October and in February.

    • Students are expected to meet specific reading goals throughout the year to ensure they have read at least 12 of the 15 books by January 31.  The goals are as follows:

      • at least 3 books by September 30

      • an additional 2 books by October 31

      • an additional 2 books by November 22 (Early cut off due to Thanksgiving break)

      • an additional 2 books by December 19 (Early cut off due to Christmas break)

      • an additional 3 books by January 31

    • Students can borrow the EBOB books from the GES Media Center or a public library.  Students can purchase the books from bookstores or online if they choose to do so but are NOT required to purchase them.  Students will be allowed to borrow EBOB books over long breaks like Thanksgiving and Christmas break from the GES Media Center.

    • Students are expected to score at least an 80% on the AR quiz for each book they read.  (Students will not be allowed to retake AR quizzes for low scores.)

    • The final GES EBOB Team

      • The North Carolina EBOB rules state only 12 students are allowed to compete in the competition.  Those 12 students will be chosen using the following criteria:

        • AR scores and records of books read by each student will be assessed at the end of each deadline listed above (September 30, October 31, November 22, December 19, and January 31).  Students not meeting the goals for that period will be notified that they have not met the requirements.  They will be given one warning and allowed to continue to tryout in hopes of meeting the requirements before the next goal period ends. After the second time of not meeting a goal, they will be eliminated from the EBOB tryouts.

        • At 3:00pm January 31, AR scores and records of books read will be assessed one final time.  The 12 students that have the highest title/author quiz scores, have read the most EBOB books AND have the highest AR averages for those books will be invited to make up the final Gatesville Elementary School EBOB team and compete in the Gates County District EBOB Competition. 

        • All remaining students in the tryouts will be considered alternates should some of the original 12 students not be able to compete.

        • The final 12 students will be given a competition permission slip that must be completed and signed by a parent in February in order for them to compete.  Should that slip not be completed by the deadline, that student will be removed from the team.  Alternate students from those still in the tryouts will be given the opportunity to take a spot on the final team.

      • Students making the final team are expected to attend the Gates County District EBOB Competition held in March. 

      • Should the GES team win the district competition, the students will be expected to attend the Regional EBOB Competition held in April.


    Note:  The AR points earned from taking the quizzes on EBOB books WILL count towards the student’s AR goal.


    If you have additional questions about the GES EBOB team or the requirements, please see Mrs. Matthews.