• Helen Eure has a son with Dyslexia.  She has graciously shared the following list of books with us that she has found to encourage her son to enjoy reading!


    Henry Winkler is also dyslexic.  He has 2 series.

    Here's Hank -- about a 1st-2nd grader and

    Hank Zipzer -- about a 3rd-5th grader


    Diary of a Wimpy kid -- dyslexic author

    Captain Underpants - dyslexic author


    Dog Man series

    Big Nate series

    Bad Guys series

    Graphic Novels (including A Wrinkle in Time, Alex Rider, Bone, Garfield, Doonsbury)

    Dork Diaries series

    Amulet series (that was included in one of the above links I think)

    Treasure Hunters (I think these are James Patterson)

    Lunch Lady series

    Bad Kitty

    Little Gems


    Manga (reads right to left)

    Books from Barrington Stokes Publishing (I think I sent that link separately)

    Babysitters Club


    Diary of a Mind Craft Zombie

    Jacob's Journal of Doom

    Baby Mouse



    Mrs. Eure notes anything that "chunks text together", has more white space, simpler font, etc. is easier for these students to read.




    A few more thoughts from Mrs. Eure about her personal experience with her own son...


    A couple of suggestions... I quit trying to make him read and just read to him.  Sometimes we'd alternate and take turns reading (sentences, paragraphs, pages, whatever) and if he got to a word he didn't recognize I gave it to him instead of trying to get him to sound it out. 


    Another thing we did was to get 2 copies of the same book so I didn't have to sit right beside him but was following along.  That way we were reading the same thing and I knew if he missed words or mispronounced something and I could help him.


    He loved Puppy Place, Animal Ark, Ranger in Time, I Survived, and Magic Tree House.  But I was reading these things to him.  Eventually, I found out that he was keeping one of these lower reading level books going upstairs (once he was a little over) by his bed while I was reading something that was at or above his grade level with him.


    The Albemarle Public Library System has a lot of the books listed above if you want to check them out.  You can search the card catalog online and even place a hold/request a book using your library card (you tell it which library you want to pick it up from).  (Their website is http://www.arlnc.org/)


    Mrs. Eure is willing to help ANY parent that wants to contact her.  If you would like to reach out to her, please contact Mrs. Matthews for her contact information.


Last Modified on October 30, 2018