• Character Counts using the Six Pillars of Character to teach ethical values. The program uses an acronym to help us remember that people with good character are terrific:
    Trustworthiness means one can be trusted to be honest and reliable.  He or she builds a good reputation.
    Respect means following the Golden Rule (Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You). It means accepting of differences in others,  use good manners, and being considerate of others' feelings, of others. We show respect by not threatening, hitting or hurt anyone, dealing with anger in a peaceful manner.
    Responsibility means doing what you are supposed to do, planning ahead, sticking with a task and not giving up.
    Fairness means playing by the rules, taking turns and sharing, being open-minded and listen to others.
    Caring means being kind and compassionate, showing you care, showing gratitude and forgiveness to others, and helping thers in need.
    Citizenship means doing your part to help make your school and community better place. • Cooperate.